Lil Xan


Not much is known about Lil Xan other than the fact that his records such as “Betrayed” and “Slingshot” have millions of views and plays on YouTube and Soundcloud. The 21-year-old West Coast native is a new face in hip-hop whose alternative approach to rap is garnering a legion of music lovers to adorn him. The crazy thing is, he’s only been rapping for a couple of years and initially wanted to be a photographer.

When Xan was growing up, he was mostly into alternative rock and was the photographer in his group of rapper friends. When his camera was stolen after a friend’s show, instead of paying for another $1200 camera, he used the money he had for studio time. Over the course of two years, rapping went from being a hobby to his profession.

“I was rapping as a hobby for a year and six months, but it got very serious six months ago,” he said to XXL over the phone. “Then even more four months ago and even more two months ago, now it’s even at a level where the movement which I created, Xanarchy, has taken off. The music is doing very well and I’m just blessed to be in this position right now.”

He started out in a group called Low Gang but after that fizzled out, Xanarchy was born. “Me and my friend was going by this group called Low Gang and it wasn’t really taking off,” Lil Xan explained. “So, from ashes of Low Gang I created Xanarchy and I just thought the name was a good play on words. It’s been taking off, it’s already showing signs. It’s ridiculous how much the growth has been everywhere.”

LIl Xan got his name when he was still a photographer and was addicted to Xanax. A friend gave him the name while they was in Texas because the young upstart was always “off the Xan.” He has since kicked his Xanax addiction—something he raps about on his hit single “Betrayed”—and has seen his star power rise. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest rappers going into 2018. His focus now is completing his upcoming album Total Xanarchy and showing listeners that he has an abundance of sounds for enjoyment.

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