Lazer/Wulf is an instrumental metal trio, sometimes with vocals. No, let’s start over. Lazer/Wulf is a math-crust doom-thrash indie… noise… okay, this isn’t working. And maybe it shouldn’t.

Formed in 2010 as part of the diverse musical community of Athens, GA, where every possible genre of music not only exists but actively co-exists, Lazer/Wulf learned to disregard genre conventions for the sake of compelling and honest songwriting. The band is not, nor tries to be, loyal to any particular thing than instinct and curiosity. Circumstantially, okay, it usually gets pretty dark in there.

So, we’ll say Lazer/Wulf is experimental. And there’s only three of them. So experimental trio it is. Good job, everyone.

Lazer/Wulf’s debut, “The Beast of Left and Right,” is out now on Retro-Fururist Records.

“The Beast of Left and Right is an album we’ll be talking about for years, not only for its unique concept and composition, but because it’s such a good record regardless of the compositional aspect. If you’re not blown away, consider yourself completely jaded to ingenuity, curiosity and the fruits of talented labor.” – METAL INJECTION

“It’s more than ambitious; it’s kind of insane. All the big ideas aside, it’s also an ass-kicking and deeply listenable record, no matter which way you slice it.” – AV CLUB

“Imagine math rock legends Tera Melos playing a medley comprised of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Voivod, Don Caballero and ‘Remission’ era Mastodon songs, and you’ll have some idea of how mental this thing sounds.” – TERRORIZER

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