Philadelphia has come to be known as the “land of the spitters,” where rappers from all walks of life are competing to be the very best the city has to offer. For Kur (pronounced “Core”), his rendition of Drake’s “Pound Cake” featured a list of past relationships and experiences with women in Philly. On the remakes, he held nothing back, addressing a lot of them by name and started to network within rappers and promoters. People instantly started noticing his true potential.

In May 2015, Kur dropped How It Never Was that featured his anthem “I’m a Star,” which caught the ear of Timbaland who initially wanted to help push the record. To top off the year, he released another mixtape, Finally Happened showing his unbeatable work ethic. “The house I was raised in turned into a trap house” is just one of many written truths. The realness of “Have Nots” got him a response from G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T who shared on Twitter: “Your truth is your greatness.”

Backed by multiple top musicians in the industry and a loyal fan base, Kur’s profile increased value when he signed with independent label eOne in August of 2016. Kurcollaborated with Harlem’s own Dave East to piece together an EP called Born Broke, Die Rich that was recorded and released in the span of two days. On the horizon is a re-release of “I’m a Star” with added verses, as well as an appearance in one of the cyphers for the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards that aired on Oct. 4. While constantly releasing new music, and getting great feedback; he’s already being called a ‘beast in the studio’.

“This tape, I wanna really rap,” he says. “That’s why I put the record ‘Have Nots’ out just to let people know who I really do it for. I feel like there’s more people that’s broke than rich. I really don’t make music for rich people. I really make it for people on the come up.”

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