Koyal is an Atlanta based indie-rock band. Since selling out the Masquerade in 2023, they’ve embarked on “The Gravity Tour”, a summer east coast tour to announce their vibrant and dancey upcoming single, Gravity.

The Koyal experience is unconventional and all-encompassing- confectioned tunes, vulnerable poetry, wispy ethereal RnB meets smokey rock, experimental jazz infusions, unapologetic confidence, and ultimately- bold, centerstage pop!

The band upholds friendship, love, and good vibes to the highest ideal, and an interviewer said it reflects in the audience as well as having seen “the happiest mosh pit ever!”

In Atlanta, you can find them playing at some of their regular and favorite spots- the Masquerade, Criminal Records, Smith’s Olde Bar, 529 EAV and more.

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