King Strang


King Strang is the ragpunk, old-timey, and always fun one man band project of Michael Sinner, proudly represented by Portland’s Flail Records. Using influences of traditional folk music as well as 40’s jazz sounds, King Strang blends the old with the new in all of his music. Often playing a resonator guitar, stomp box, and kazoo, King Strang upholds a consistently jazzy barroom sound that remains unique from his work in incredible projects such as the Bridge City Sinners and Clyde and the Milltailers. King Strang’s music is nothing if not music to have a good time to. On his recent record “The Second Coming”, Michael Sinner is joined by Lightnin Luke on the fiddle, bringing even more old time vibes. With lyrics about religious folklore, love and longing, and apathy, King Strang brings a little something for everybody with a love for old time music and incredible jazz vocals.

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