Kelsi Grammar


Kelsi Grammar is the problem child born from drummer Anthony Founds and frontman Mark McGinn. Beginning on the cusp of 2012, Kelsi Grammar quickly became a regular player among the Atlanta DIY scene. Within a few months of conception they were in the studio working on what would become their debut release, “Me and All My Friends”. In its essence Kelsi Grammar is a genre bending, self-deprecating, autobiographical(mostly), “rough around the edges” emotional mess. It’s hard to fit Kelsi Grammar into a single genre, but have been equated to post-hardcore, emo, and even indie. In 2013, Kelsi Grammar followed their debut release with a 6 song EP entitled “BeingPetty”. With a more mature and layered sound they expanded their landscape into a slightly darker arena. Still branching out even more they added more “pop” to their initial ruckus and smoothed things out around the edges. Nearing the beginning of 2014, Kelsi Grammar took a break after some personal life changes needed their attention. After a 3 year hiatus, and various line up changes, Kelsi Grammar returns with it’s almost original lineup of Anthony Founds, Mark McGinn, and bassist Tyler Findlay. They are currently scheduled to return to the studio later this year.

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