One of the most innovative and prestigious bands in modern symphonic metal, heavy icons KAMELOT  present their most introspective, uplifting, vital release to date – their first full-length in five years, 2023’s  aptly titled The Awakening. 

Having reigned supreme with the release of internationally top-charting melodic metal pinnacles such  as The Fourth Legacy (1999), The Black Halo (2005), Silverthorn (2012), Haven (2015, #1 US Hard Rock  Albums), and most recently 2018’s acclaimed The Shadow Theory (#2 US Hard Music Albums), The  Awakening enters the KAMELOT legacy as their most massive and diverse offering yet – mixing  symphonic, gothic, melodic, progressive and power metal styles while yielding some of the heaviest  tracks in the band’s history. 

On their 13th studio album, The Awakening, the band expressly invites listeners to discover “the power of  one” within themselves as well. Exuding the impassioned songwriting, complex musicianship, and  sophisticated production that’s always made KAMELOT a remarkable act, the LP offers a more diverse,  uplifting, and introspective journey compared to bleaker predecessor The Shadow Theory. As such, The  Awakening encourages its audience to, well, awaken not only to the grandeur of its genre(s), but to the  greatness of life itself.

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