Joy Again


For Joy Again, inspiration indiscriminately bounces around like a superball. It ping-pongs between the Philadelphia band before it settles and crystallizes in one capriciously catchy bop after another. These six lo-fi alternative pop outliers—Sachi DiSerafino [vocals, guitar], Arthur Shea [vocals, guitar], Blaise O’Brien [keys], Zachery Tyndall [keys], Will Butera [drums], and Kieran Ferris[bass]—draw hooks and melodies from the most unexpected corners as they create without limitations or boundaries. After generating north of 100 million streams independently, inciting hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos, and earning acclaim from The FADER, OnesToWatch, Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, Alt Citizen, NME, and more, this unpredictability shines on a series of singles and their forthcoming debut for Arista Records.

“Among us, there’s a very internalized energy,” says Arthur. “The way we live our lives inspires how the band sounds. We’re just making the music we want to hear.”

“We hang out all of the time, and that really influences what we do together,” adds Sachi. “People are surprised when they see us apart from one another.”

As the story goes, the friendship between Sachi and Arthur dates back to kindergarten. During ninth grade, Arthur reached out to Sachi on Facebook, “because he posted about Jimi Hendrix.”Countless jam sessions followed. While attending boarding school, they recorded on a four-track and began to post tunes to Bandcamp—“often during study hall,” asArthur recalls.Eventually those songs comprised the 30-track Forever in 2014. Through out the Philadelphia area, they performed at numerous low-key packed house party shows alongside the likes of fellow future star Clairo. Meanwhile, they shared proper stages with Car Seat Headrest, Hinds, Daywave, and Hoops in addition to appearing at 35 Denton, Savannah Stopover, and SXSW. Along the way, they signed to Heavy Duty Publishing and unveiled Piano in 2019, which they co-produced out of AirBnb’s, studios, bedrooms, and apartments across Philadelphia and New York.

Five years after its 2015 release, “Looking Out For You” gained unprecedented TikTok traction in2020. Soundtracking videos of everything from contemplative breakup posts and daily routines(making breakfast) to arts and crafts and skateboarding, it inspired nearly half-a-million total creates and spoke to the band’s universal appeal. Originally recorded by engineer and producer Caleb Laven, the song hinges on a breezy riff, head-nodding bass line, and poetically meme-able lyrics a la,“This is a love song for a girl who will never know it’s about her. Know it’s pretty stupid, but I’m much too shy to tell her.”

“I wrote it in high school before this winter dance,” Sachi remembers. “I was talking to this girl who I liked. It just wasn’t ever going to work though, so the song came out of that. You realize this person is not going to feel the same way you do.”

As “Looking Out For You” caught fire, the guys wrote and recorded at a prolific pace (in between playing a lot of Earthbound). With Sachi, Arthur, and Kieran living together, the creative bond only continues to strengthen.

“The friendship is so important to us,” adds Arthur. “I don’t think we’d even be a band otherwise.

”In the end, Joy Again bottle the inspiration between them into utterly engaging and undeniably enduring pop music.

“When we put out music, it’s no longer ours anymore,” Sachi leaves off. “It belongs to the audience, so we hope they can see themselves in it.”

“There’s nothing better than when you can sync up your emotions to what we’re doing,” Arthur concludes. “Maybe, you’ll feel like it’s yours.”

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