Josh Waters


Josh Waters’ meteoric rise through the independent R&B scene can be attributed to his spellbinding vocals and charismatic persona. Since emerging with his first singles in early 2017, the Atlanta-based singer has established himself as one of the finest young performers in the genre, capable of bringing his deepest feelings to life through his evocative songwriting, and angelic tone.

Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to prominent community leader Odis Waters, Josh grew up understanding the importance of faith and family. An attitude that he’s carried with him in his musical career.After his father’s unfortunate passing, Josh’s mother Bonita continued to immerse him in gospel, soul, and R&B music. Though he was heavily influenced by Hip-Hop as well, Josh used what he gained from his parents, combining all his influences into something he could call his own.

After years of honing his craft in private, and with his fanbase steadily growing, Josh set out to release a song every week in 2020. He remained consistent with the campaign dropping 52 singles in 2020. An impressive feat that not only proved his work ethic and dedication, but helped him build a vast catalog of songs reflecting his versatility and innovation. Josh’s devotion to his music has served him well, and he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. “Mediocre Never Works” is the motto he chooses to live by. As he cultivates a groundbreaking new sound, Josh Waters is poised to leave a lasting legacy on the music world as we know it.

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