Josh Card


Josh Card was raised in a small “one stoplight” town in Northeast Florida, where everybody knows your name, the County Fair is the best time of year, and simpler ways of living still exist. His small town beginnings and humble Southern upbringing landed him at age 13 holding a guitar that his Grandmother bought him, sitting on the porch of the house his Grandfather built, at the end of a dirt road, trying to play along with her Conway Twitty albums. The rebellion stage soon followed, and driven by teen angst and a thirst for loud music, Josh spent the next 15 years playing in several successful punk and hardcore acts, touring internationally and releasing several albums.

Now, residing in the hills of Kentucky, Josh has reunited with his roots to play the music that he has carried with him throughout the years. The songs he’s been writing and storing are finally being heard. Josh went into the studio in November of 2016 and recorded his first Country album. Pulling elements and influence from his Honky-Tonk and Outlaw heroes, Josh made an album that provides to his listeners what modern day Country music lacks: authenticity, honesty, substance, and soul. In early 2017, Josh released his debut full length album titled “Josh Card and The Restless Souls”. Building steam with his passionate and captivating live performances, the album paved the beginning of his career in Country music.

Soon after, he joined the road with Whitey Morgan as a member of the 78’s, playing Honky Tonk across America. In April 2018, Josh began tracking his second album at OmniSound Studios in Nashville, TN. He has set out to make a record that he says will be a “straight forward, from the heart, honest Country record” that is sure to be a game changer in today’s world of watered down, pop induced “Country” music. “These songs come from my deepest, and sometimes, darkest places. I write about what I’ve lived. The heartache, the love, the highest highs and lowest lows.”

Josh’s sophomore album is due Fall of 2018 and in the meantime, he and his band are tearing up the highways, bringing his brand of twangy, roots-filled music to a town near you.

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