Genre is not so much a box to be confined in as it is a bag of tricks for Bronx-based musician/animator  Jhariah Clare to pull from. The multi-disciplinary artist has a compulsion for writing larger than life songs,  stacked high with strings, horns, keys, and broadway-esque vocal arrangements. So attendees of his live  show may be surprised to see him hit the stage with no band in sight – just his drummer and musical  collaborator Cole Raser seamlessly transitioning from hard-hitting rock cuts to complex swings fit for a  Harlem jazz club. That chameleon-like musicality is exactly what makes the two of them such a fitting  duo. Jhariah and Cole met through mutual friends at Pratt Institute, studying 2D animation and film,  respectively. They quickly hit it off and before long, Jhariah’s solo project became a duo. The two of them  function more like a pair of one-man-bands than two parts of a whole. Both emerging from a generation of  increasingly self-sufficient independent musicians, this two-piece “band” takes that DIY attitude to heart.

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