Infected Rain


Hi! My name is Lena. I was born in Moldova (Eastern Europe) on November 22nd, 1986. I fell in love with alternative music when I was 13. But my real “crush” was for metal when I was 14. The heavy guitar riffs and brutal vocals always fascinated me. I felt like metal music could wake up feelings that I’ve never felt before. Two other musicians (Vidick and Dj Kapa) and I started the band Infected Rain in 2008. It was a cool and fun project from the beginning. I never sang before in any other band but I was always tempted to try because I had a lot of friends that were musicians. I never knew if I could do that until the boys asked me to try. I loved it from the first second but I knew that I had to learn a lot. So, after a few months I started my private vocal lessons with my amazing teacher Tatiana Robertovna. She had to start from the beginning because I never studied music in my life before. With her, I learned how to breathe, how to feel the music and how to sing. Infected Rain took priority in my life right away. Writing lyrics, creating music and playing shows started to be my reason to live. My life started to change so much. I had a job I always loved that I had been doing for years but now any job for me just became a way for me to invest in the band. Singing and playing shows became my own type of drug. So I decided to dedicate myself completely to the music and our fans. I started to exercise and experiment a lot with my voice. Sometimes all of this would leave me voiceless for days. Losing my voice was physically painful and mentally frustrating. We started to have more and more shows. Sometimes we had to play in bad venues with bad monitors or no monitors at all. Trying too hard to sing and scream in these conditions would ruin my voice. Sometimes I could even taste blood in my mouth. That would cause sleepless nights, bad nightmares, headaches and frustration. I knew I needed to change something. I knew there was a way. This is how I discovered Melissa Cross and her DVDs. I studied her methods for a while but nothing helped better than a real lesson with her. In 2013 I had the opportunity to have my first lesson with Melissa in New York City. That day changed my life forever. It was more than just a lesson, it was like a therapy that every singer needs. Now I can deliver all of my emotions on the stage without hurting myself, no matter what monitors I have.

I write the lyrics for Infected Rain. All of my lyrics are based on my own experiences, fears and disappointments in life. Writing helps me survive in this world and singing helps me live for real. Reality is frustrating sometimes, music has become my escape. I want to help as many people as I can with my music. I want to touch people somewhere deep inside, try to end their fears and give them that escape that they always search for. Music saved my life, but when I started to sing is when my life acquired color. I want to share that with you!”

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