Indee Killed the Pop Star


Jennifer Zuiff’s operatic and classical background allows for a superhuman vocal range that “calls to the heavens” capturing the attention of many. According to her concert pianist mother, Indee began singing on pitch at the astonishing age of just 2 weeks old. She began studying piano at age 5 and classical voice at 12. She graduated from Georgia State University in 2010 with a Bachelors in Vocal Performance.

By experimenting with different instruments while pulling from a crayon box of genres, Jennifer has crafted her own musical path. This “genre-less” approach to songwriting is what birthed Indee Killed the Pop Star as she made her transformation from her former life as an opera singer into the profound original artist she is today.

Her hybrid vocals and unique style has been described as both healing and enrapturing. Indee’s inventive sound blends authentic minglings of Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor.

In 2018 Jennifer landed on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist with “Open Highway Headstart” from her side project Cold Arizona. Together with her single “Colors” she is now at over 400K streams.

This eclectic siren has stayed active in the Atlanta music scene for several years now playing with her band and growing roots with a name for herself. She is known for bringing a memorable experience to her audiences with every show. Recently she was deeply honored when crowned Creative Loafing’s coveted “Best Vocalist of Atlanta 2018” in her own home town. Her debut EP “The Climb” is out now available on all streaming services.

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