Icon for Hire


Rock duo Icon For Hire is a chart-topping independent act that’s impossible to ignore. Composed of power vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist/producer Shawn Jump, the band has quietly amassed a legion of fans through their rigorous touring, which included an impressive multi-year stint on Vans Warped Tour. Currently sitting at over 760k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 725k followers across social platforms, Icon For Hire have been named the “sleeping giants of the modern rock scene” with their mighty #IconArmy behind them. Following their explosive release Amorphous in 2021, they are eager to bring their fans a follow up, in what will be their heaviest album yet, “The Reckoning” in 2022. 

After surviving a global pandemic that abruptly ended their international tour, barely making it home before borders closed, and releasing a new album during an extended quarantine, Icon For Hire have taken their place in the industry as fighters that just won’t back down. Now over a decade into their career and having overcome abusive record deals, crippling addiction, and mental health struggles, they showcase a new found confidence in their upcoming release. The Reckoning can only be described as a battle cry to the disillusioned, the disenfranchised, and the misunderstood. 

The Reckoning isn’t just about exploring all the dark and heavy pieces of ourselves, it’s about embracing and accepting those pieces, and using them as weapons against the gatekeepers that hold us back…even when those gatekeepers are our own self-imposed limitations. 

Featuring collaborations with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin, and mixing by Joe Rickard of In Flames and Red, the album boasts Ariel’s fiercest vocals to date, and Shawn’s signature in-your-face guitar style. With The Reckoning, Icon For Hire continues to build their legacy on their own terms, and are unapologetically forcing all to take note that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. 

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