Honey Hips


A band of rock and soul junkies hell bent on perking ears and raising arm hairs. Will Derr and Tim Smith front Honey Hips live act, along with a rotating group of incredibly talented musicians, with the intention of keeping raw/live/spontaneous/heartfelt performances a staple in the Atlanta music scene.

Honey Hips are a blues, rock and soul outfit based out of Atlanta, GA. Originally founded in late 2015 by Caitlynn Mackin and Tim Smith, the group quickly came to fruition out of the sheer necessity and passion to write and perform live music. When the bands first booked show in January 2016 was postponed, Caitlynn and Tim took it upon themselves to put on a show with some friends in their living room. This would be the first of many shows ( and more to come ) put on at The Landfill House in East Atlanta.

The Landfill became an incubator for Honey Hips. This small art house slowly transformed over the span of a year into a full fledged venue, rehearsal space, and art studio. An intimate and nurturing setting for musicians/artists/weirdos to gather, perform, create, love, and grow.

This comes to the heart of Honey Hips, community and family. It takes time for an act to reach a solid resolution as to what its intentions/sound/meaning really are. As Honey Hips continues working to answer these questions they will always be grounded in the community that birthed them.

A community of friends and family that will fill in on a live set at a moments notice, build a stage in a muddy backyard through the August heat, stay up all night in a recording studio for no reason other than support, and encourage each other to give a performance that everyone needs to hear even if there is no one there. The people who push Honey Hips to keep practicing, performing, and recording, no matter what life throws their way, are the foundation of this act.

A new year brings new beginnings, Caitlynn has stepped back from the band to pursue her incredible work as a visual artist. Will Derr will continue to hold down the act on drums as well as Tim Smith on guitar and vocals. Honey Hips are in the middle of recording their debut studio album and will continue to put on the highest caliber performances they can muster as the new year brings new opportunities, new members, and new friends.

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