Hommeboy is a multidisciplinary recording and performance artist based in Atlanta, Ga. The ethereal pop star of the future blends house, funk, and even shades of EDM as he preaches acceptance, existential awareness, and forward motion.

Redefining music, art and fashion with an eclectic style that defies stereotypes and labels. Hommeboy exudes impending stardom for reasons beyond sharing the same birthday as superstars Rihanna and Kurt Cobain. His vibe is both fluid and grounded. Rapping over upbeat house and electronic music, Hommeboy’s infectious, funky mashup of rhythmic hip-hop and pop sounds is ushering in a new era of artistry.

His debut EP, FUNKWITME, was released summer of 2017 and captured the attention of artist peers such as Dev Hynes and Azealia Banks. Hommeboy’s debut album, The Era of Good Feelings, will premiere this August 2019.

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