Hollow Sinatra


Hollow Sinatra is a multi-instrumentalist producer, engineer, and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Initially setting his roots in the SoundCloud scene of the mid 2010’s, he now continues to push the narrative of his artistry- shifting more into the world of rock-themed electronic. Heavily inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Grimes, Lou Reed, and Kanye West, Hollow continues to trail-blaze his own way through sonic landscapes.

Starting music at the age of 16 by way of recording songs in his friends’ closets, Hollow found himself at the forefront of the Alt SoundCloud scene. Earlier tracks like ‘Hi’ and ‘I’m happy sometimes’ caught some online buzz- mixing elements of bedroom pop, hip hop, and alt rock. Since then, he has made a major shift in the direction of his music. Newer tracks like ‘Yard,’ ‘False Prophets,’ and ‘White Plug’ show just that. Who knows what will come next? Blending genres and breaking molds are things that the versatile Hollow Sinatra have always taken seriously.

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