HellBent is a 5 piece groove metal band from Atlanta, Ga. Comprised of a diverse, but yet similar musical backgrounds. Vocalist David Pruitt possesses an earth shattering range. Drummer Andy Davis incorporates a unique blend of full blown metal drums with jazzy undertones. Lead Guitarist Chet Powell brings many styles and visionary soloing to the table. Bassist Kenneth Cordell presents pulsing low end devastation to your ears that is like throwing gas on the flame that is HellBent. And Mike Daniels plays guitar. Signed to Swimming With Sharks Records in 2014, HellBent has released one debut self titled EP and three albums, “Southern Brutality”, “There Will Be Violence” and their latest, “The American Demise”. HellBent has toured the Southern United States and opened a number of national shows and festivals like Full Terror Assault and opened for bands like Otep, Soil, Straight Line Stitch, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Suffocation, Revocation, After The Burial, Carniflex, DOPE, Motograter. And HellBent has no plans to let up anytime soon.

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