Gone In April


Gone In April came to international attention in 2011, with the release of their debut album, We
Are But Human, uniting musicians from Canada, Italy, Germany and USA.
Following the release, the band performed in North America and in Asia, co-headlining The Great
Indian Octoberfest, Bangalore, India (Asia), a 3-day festival with an attendance of 60 000, with
Children of Bodom. Gone in April also headlined the WaveTransform Festival 2014 (North
America), as well as other events in the USA.
In 2016, Gone in April released its 2nd album, Threads of Existence, consisting of a new line-up
from the USA and Canada, and has been performing in support of the album.
The band is currently working on its 3rd album and supporting music videos. The upcoming album
is planned for release in the autumn of 2019.
Gone In April unites a diverse palette of metal genres, such as symphonic, death, speed and goth.


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