Gloom Girl MFG


“Gloom Girl MFG Bring ‘Vulnerability’ and Punk Intensity to Nashville Rock Scene.” – SPIN
At the heart of Music City beats a burgeoning music scene far from the machine of its country
roots and bachelorette-laden honky-tonks. Buzzing in gritty clubs and beloved music venues
there is a growing new Nashville indie rock movement, stirring the pot of a city in the midst of a
musical evolution. And at the forefront, four-piece GLOOM GIRL MFG are emerging as a force.

Led by dynamic singer and lead guitarist Paige MacKinnon, and backed by Ethan Waggoner
(rhythm guitar), Stephen Sobolewski (bass guitar) and Connor McCourt (drums), the band
combines a familiar nostalgia with an undeniably fresh fusion of punk, grunge, and indie rock,
channeling the spirit of trailblazers like The Pretenders, PJ Harvey and Sleater-Kinney with the
sneering vibrancy of acts like IDLES.

Their mission: to provide a musical escape from global gloom, one with a community around it,
fueled by an inclusivity that satiates the increasing digitally-fueled need to be a part of
something tangible. Something powerful.

It’s this theme that resonates throughout their new EP Polycrisis. Produced by Brad Shultz
(Cage The Elephant), its title projects the concept of separate pieces compounding to form
something bigger. That dichotomy is echoed musically within their stabbing modern riot grrrl
tracks that juxtapose unsuspectingly against energetic honesty, lyrical depth and a human
quality too often absent in heavier music.

Tastemaker publication Nashville Scene predicted their rise, noting: “The smart bet is on the
group transcending local-fave status in the coming year.” While this band are destined to rocket
globally, the most impactful movements start locally, and Gloom Girl MFG are taking that
challenge head on.

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