Gladie is one of Philadelphia’s greatest indie rock bands (note: legally we’re allowed to say that since it is widely accepted that all the Greatest Indie Rock Bands live in Philadelphia.) Their latest record, Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out, was released in November of 2022 via Plum Records, a label formed by lead singer Augusta Koch’s former band, Cayetana. Since its release, Gladie has received notable coverage from many media outlets, including their song “Nothing” being named one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Songs of 2022. Sure, it was #90 but hey that’s top 90 percent baby, pretty good if you ask me. Leaning into some heavier sounds than their debut record, Safe Sins, Gladie brings the same energy and emotion captured on the record to their live shows. Koch’s distinctive voice cuts through the air as she delivers emotive and introspective lyrics while the live band consisting of Matt Schimelfenig, Miles Ziskind, and Allegra Anka match her energy note for note. If you read this far you should probably just come to the show.

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