From Blue To Gray


From Blue To Gray was formed in the summer of 2008 when guitarist Tim Drexler and bassist Jordan Myers met and began to audition musicians. The earliest lineup of the band consisted of Jordan Myers, Tim Drexler, vocalist Dale Fewless, drummer Daniel Graham, and lead guitarist Mark Fulk. The band quickly made a reputation for itself with its unpredictable, and sometimes violent, performances. “Back then, we were kind of just known for being that ‘crazy band’ that everyone was talking about. The word about us spread pretty fast among our peers just from our frenetic performances; I think people just wanted to see myself and Dale get hurt onstage, which happened quite frequently”, recounts guitarist Tim Drexler.

Over the years the lineup of the band had shifted until it’s classic lineup was in place when Mark Fulk was replaced on guitar by David Jaber, a childhood friend and bandmate of Tim’s. Under this regime, the band self-released its first record, Into The Sun in the summer of 2012. After making the rounds in the Michigan scene in support of this record, the band set out to record its follow up, Abstention Of Interference.

Abstention Of  Interference was recorded in The Basement Studios of North Carolina by renowned producer Jamie King, famous for his work with Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit, and many others. The record features guest appearances from Dustie Waring (BTBAM), John Matos (Abiotic), and Kris Finison (Speedgod, Dagon), and was pivotal in FBTG’s signing to Luxor Records who put the record out in August of 2016. Feeling the pressure to tour, and unable to rise to the opportunities that lie ahead, the band entered a hiatus that would last for nearly two years.

Reformed by Tim and Dave with the same drive and ambitions as in 2008, From Blue To Gray is now focused on existing as a touring entity. The band now features Johnny Shaffner on drums, Alex Schmidt (Recorruptor) on bass, Joe Whalen (Absorbed) on vocals, David Jaber and Tim Drexler on guitars. “The reason why Jordan, Dale, and Dan all stepped aside was never because they didn’t want to do it anymore, but rather because the schedule simply became too much for them to keep up with. We were getting some really good touring opportunities, and when we had to pass on them due to scheduling conflicts, it became clear to everyone that the only way the band could continue to grow the way it always had was for some of the less available members to step aside and allow their positions to be filled by other people. Of course, this proved very difficult to replace such amazing talents, as evident by the two years it took to do so, but I’m very proud of how far we’ve come and we’re all very excited to get on the road and start forging our place in the national scene.”

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