Freddie Gibbs


Freddie Gibbs is on tour following the release of his surprise project Freddie. Freddie sees the artist from Gary, Indiana returning to his roots as a street rapper, while updating the trap music formula with new and varied flows across the tape’s ten tracks. Freddie features production from rising-talents such as Kenny beats, Dupri, Richgains, and others. The release is executive produced by Gibbs and Ben “Lambo” Lambert and is largely carried by Gibbs aside from a memorable verse from LA’s 03 Greedo on “Death Row” and vocals from Freddie’s daughter on the project’s closing track “Diamond’s 2.” The surprise project comes as Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are busy working on the follow up to their 2014 album PiƱata, which became an instant-classic upon its release and topped many of 2014’s most-coveted year-end album lists.



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