Forrest Isn't Dead


Known for his introspective and candid lyrics, Atlanta based Alt/Pop artist Forrest Isn’t Dead pours out the stories of his life experiences and hardships through his unique and thought-provoking music. Growing up with a single mother and limited resources, Forrest Kleindienst found early inspiration in music and skateboarding, which played a major role in developing his feelings about life and love.

He later dove head first into writing original music, learning to play drums, guitar, piano, and of course singing. “My mom had to work full time to care for the two of us. After school I would spend all of my time skateboarding or locked in my room working on music. It kept me out of trouble most of the time; and gave me something more to look forward to.”, said Forrest. Artists such as The Cure, My Chemical Romance, and Prince were big influences on his creative direction, but battling adversity and overcoming his own challenges were a benchmark towards shaping the person he is today.

Forrest Isn’t Dead recently signed with Madison Records and released his debut singles
and videos for “The Light” & “Here We Are”, which draws parallels such as Gorillaz, Tame Impala and M83. Forrest’s latest single, “Fire” is from his upcoming album and features co-production from Passion Pit producer Alex Aldi.

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