Flashback Flash


Flashback Flash is vintage rock for the modern listener. They will make you feel a pleasant nostalgia of something that may not have happened. Alex Chamis’ incredible skill as a guitar player allows him to create complex, yet tasteful leads which can be just as memorable as the songs’ melody and lyrics. This homage to guitar masters like Hendrix is present in every song. Chamis’ vocals are tender and haunting on one song (House of Cards, Crush, All I’ve Done Today) and powerful enough to stop you in your tracks on the next (Beat the Clock, Hanging With Him), all the while weaving in and out of rich, textural harmonies. They compel you to listen to every lyric. This multifaceted singing style is hard to find in the landscape of contemporary music.

The crushing, high energy rhythm section fully supports both the songs and Chamis’ vocals. They hit the sweet spot of driving power and stunning flare without distracting. Casey Dorriety plays every bass note with precision, creating memorable lines that, coupled with his high octane stage performance, will make you want to get up and dance. This couldn’t happen without Alex May holding it all in the road with absolute timing. May has the power of Bonham combined with the skillful technique of Dominic Howard. The rhythm section is finished out by Josh Brazinski on guitar and harmony vocals. He challenges Chamis to reach for the next level by delivering blazing riffs and complex vocal harmonies, both live and in the studio.

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