Fat Neptune


Fat Neptune met in the summer of 2015 through an ad that Richard Wells posted online.The four musicians quickly bonded over a love of melody, garage & psych music, jazz, and the DIY aspect of music-making. Through this love, the band began to write music together in a similar vein, creating the foundation for their first project. Their self titled EP “Fat Neptune” was independently recorded and released December 11, 2015.

May 18, 2016 – Fat Neptune released their first single – “Fluff” .
“Fluff” marked the next step in the band’s discoveries as they utilized new recording techniques and musical prowess. The song was independently recorded by the band with Michael Purvis as the engineer under the label – Irwin Perlin, a predecessor to Elcke Records. Gordon Lamb of Flagpole magazine said it showcased the band’s “impeccable sense of melody” and “indie bliss” while Immersive Atlanta wrote that “it illustrates deliberate crafting, and it’s refreshing to see the careful consideration of each note, rather than the lackadaisical style employed by so many guitar rock bands.”

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