Earl Sweatshirt with The Alchemist


About Earl Sweatshirt: 

Earl Sweatshirt is the virtuosic byproduct of Los Angeles’ fertile ground where hip hop sowed its seeds and historic cultural movements were born. The prodigiously-gifted writer, lyricist and producer grew from a zeitgeist of which contemporary collectives in hip hop today are predicated. And while most movements are fleeting as soon as they arrive, Earl pushed forward, documented his growth and self-discovery on record and cemented himself as one of the foremost culturally relevant MC’s in the game, one who never strayed away too far from his Los Angeles beat-scene roots. His debut album Doris arrived in 2013 and introduced the world to a more realized vision from him than his seminal mixtape Earl that was released three years prior when he was just 16-years-old. He followed Doris with the critically-lauded I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside in 2015, further exploring the depth of his technical dexterity with more swagger than prior releases. Three years later, he released Some Rap Songs in 2018, the tightly wrought album that found a more self-aware and mature Earl in his reflection of being in the public eye since a teenager, coupled with the reconciliation of the death of his father. Enter Feet of Clay, the conceptual 2019 project that continues the written narrative of Earl’s life in today’s societal landscape and world-view in real-time. In 2022; Earl returned to the scene with critically acclaimed, SICK! which was recorded in the wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. That album saw widespread acclaim across the media landscape and featured collaborative contributions from artists and producers like Zelooperz, Nak-el Smith, Armand Hammer, Black Noi$e, and The Alchemist. Fast forward to 2023 and Earl is preparing for the 10th anniversary of Doris and playing shows in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London to commemorate the seminal album. 


About The Alchemist: 

The Alchemist, a prolific record producer and musical visionary has carved an indelible mark in the realm of hip-hop and beyond. Born Daniel Alan Maman, he emerged from Beverly Hills with a passion for sonic experimentation. His unique style fuses intricate samples and bold arrangements, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. 

From collaborations with Mobb Deep and Dilated Peoples, The Alchemist’s genius became evident. His distinctive beats have graced tracks for Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and Freddie Gibbs. Notably, his partnership with Gibbs on “Alfredo” showcased his prowess in blending musical elements seamlessly. 

His instrumental projects, like “The Food Villain,” spotlight his narrative prowess without lyrics. Continuously evolving, The Alchemist remains an influential force in modern music, proving that his sonic alchemy transcends eras. 

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