Don Flamingo


Born in New Orleans, LA a city known for genres such as jazz, zydeco, blues, brass bands, and hip hop forming a musical legacy as unique as the soup this treasure is known for, Don Flamingo aka The Show has a long and varied musical legacy to live up to and he is ready. Being resilient in any undertaking is a talent that few may know but has become a moniker and inspiration for him.


Don Flamingo resume includes working with acts such as The Lox, T.I., Scarface, Mannie Fresh, BG, and Lil Wayne, also performing in the BET Music Matters Showcase twice, a host of performances at SXSW, the Legendary Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, opener for The Lox Filthy America 2017 Tour and dropping hot verses for Sway Calloway in the Dooms-Day cypher and Sway In The Morning. He was also a featured artist in the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher. With cosigns from projects with other local staples like The Chopper City Boyz, Juvenile, C-Murder plus more. He is also the two-time NOLA Music Awards Lyrist of the Year.


When asked what he brings to the game; he explains, ”There isn’t much beyond the conscious, revolutionary, gangsta, stuntin’ or every day struggles that hip-hop has to offer, yet, if you twist things a certain way, you can broaden those subjects so far that you can turn it into a fifteen-year career like LL Cool J, Jay-Z or Nas. Since Hip Hop is a predominantly black art form, every rap artist has a similar story; growing up with no father, mom was a single parent so you learn from the streets, but when I put my twist to it, I create a variation of that story and make it my own.”


From his introduction to rap in 1995 via a poem dedicated to the memory of his deceased father, it was always the reception of his projects that kept Don Flamingo going. This reception allowed a joy to become a hobby, a hobby to transform to a talent, and a talent into a business. Now the business has come full circle back to a joy and because The Show must go on. The emergence of Don Flamingo is a reminder to Neva Say Die!

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