DJ King Atlas


KING ATLAS is full of talent ranging all over the map that always has his audience on their toes. Now in his 8th year of serving party obsessed southern queers the signature experimental genre-mixing freestyle sounds that makes him one-of-a-kind, he is ready to take his showmanship beyond the booth into to new heights by incorporating one of his strongest and less known assets: Interior Design. A SCAD-Atlanta degree owner since 2008, KING ATLAS has designed interiors professionally all over the United States and as far as Saudi Arabia. The two professions have always remained separate, until now! As a perfectionist when it comes down to creating a perfect sound, mood, vibe, look, feel and setting, it is all too common for a DJ to get little to work with at venues when put on display. Not with DJ KING ATLAS the INTERIOR DESIGNER. Now equipped with DJ equipment, custom lighting, enhanced decor, custom made video and more, KING ATLAS serves the ultimate interior experience at every space he spins, transforming even the smallest spaces into it’s greatest form.

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