What started in 2014 as a modest musical endeavor quickly morphed into an uproarious, unrelenting juggernaut practically overnight. It wasn’t long before their name—and by extension, their intense, immolating brand of blistering metalcore—spread throughout the United States. As the tours, miles and months racked up, so did their creative efforts, finally manifesting itself as the band’s debut effort, What’s Left of Us in February of 2017. Referred to most often in shorthand—WLOU—Distinguisher’s first full length record spawned an iconic underground movement in the heavy music community, trending across social media sites and venues alike since it’s release. WLOU most recently expanded to New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in 2018, as well as across the US with the likes of heavyweights Spite, Traitors, Bodysnatcher, Extortionist—twice, on two different tours—and even more. Distinguisher, while they’ve done everything anyone could ask to distinguish themselves—both in work effort and incredible musicianship—are far from worn out. Even with twelve-months-or-more of extensive touring behind them, and now solidifying Nick Chance as their new vocalist from here on out, they have been hard at work on their highly anticipated sophomore album, set to be released later this year.

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