DIRE is an American heavy metal band that embodies and inspires such ideas through their music. Implementing a diverse range of musical styles while maintaining a sound that is definitively metal, they’ve set the bar high with their debut full-length, ‘Volume I’, and the 2017 EP, ‘Depths’.

The fifteen-track ‘Volume I’ is filled to the brim with focused and deliberate riffs, memorable choruses, and soaring guitar solos. From the sinister and melodic “Farther” to the relentlessly aggressive “Keep Your Mouth Shut”, ‘Volume I’ is certain to be a favorite of any fan of straight up, aggressive heavy metal.

‘Depths’ is a six-song EP that showcases a further refined version of what fans have already come to love about the band and features guest performances by Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy (“Burden”) as well as Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King (“Put It To Death”). ‘Depths’ is the first release after DIRE’s signing to Sancrosanct Records in early 2017.

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