Death of Kings


Conjuring an unholy hybrid of traditional heavy metal and modern thrash components, Death of Kings assaults the senses with an onslaught of dueling guitars, a pummeling rhythm section, and ferocious vocals.
Scorching the Earth since their 2009 inception, Death of Kings has been a forceful presence in the Southeast, sharing stages with current metal headliners including Skeletonwitch, 3 Inches of Blood, and Mastodon, as well as legendary acts such as Morbid Angel and DRI.
With 2 self-released EPs under their belt, their Boris Records debut 7″ continues to showcase their focus on creating dynamic heavy metal for the ages. The title track, “Knifehammer,” instantly demands your attention, with blazing guitar and bass solos and punishing percussion from start to finish, leaving you begging for more.
Proceed to the B-side, “Beneath the Obsidian,” only to be forcibly greeted by the unrelenting pounding of drums and guitars, matched only by an anguished vocal delivery that evokes an entirely different range at which the band equally excels.

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