Daywlk is a young creative hailing from Rome, GA. Within the foothills of this quaint northwestern Georgia city, Daywlk has developed his artistry to become a self taught rapper, producer, and songwriter, among many other things. At 12 years old, the young emcee began dabbling in ‘free-styling’ after transferring from the county school system to the city, inspiring him to take a closer look inside the universe known as hip hop/rap music. Immediately a passion was sparked and by 13, his first self written EP was created and distributed locally through the independent label that he founded at the time. By 17, Daywlk made the decision within himself that a part of his mission on earth was to achieve a level of artistry/musicianship so that he could convey his message to the world. A message rooted in love. At 19, a realization came about that in order to further fulfill the mission, he must learn to produce/make beats, so that he could be more of a craftsman and develop a unique and original sound true to the roots of the artists’ message. Now, being 20 years young, Daywlk is performing at levels he could once only dream about. Having the opportunity to travel the world, perform shows, and release music under the independent imprint cure sound, Daywlk has begun the process of dream realization and manifestation. Looking ahead, Daywlk is eager to connect with more like minded humans around the planet and to continue to build positive platforms for self expression, creativity, and education.

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