Cross Your Fingers


Cross Your Fingers is an up-and-coming metal-core band out of Nashville, Tennessee.
Established in 2017, members of ex-band Overcome Silence (Pierce Lancaster, Josh Alfaro,
Jordan Alfaro, and Caleb Patrick) have made collaborative efforts to start a new project. Cross
Your Fingers have released two singles, “Harbinger” and “Prey (ft. Fronz of Attila)”. Whilst
preparing for their upcoming debut album titled, “Roses Buried Beneath Your Casket”, the band
has won the hearts of the Nashville local scene. Having played with several bands such as
Dead Rabbits, The Relapse Symphony, The Funeral Portrait, Social Repose, and Get Scared,
they are ready to get on the road. Since then, many opportunities have arisen including getting
to work with Christopher Fronzak on a song. With a 2009 post-hardcore feel with a modern
twist, the band is excited to see what their future holds.

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