Cool Cool Cool


I know what you’re thinking… “he doesn’t know what I’m thinking.” see I got it right, didn’t I?… Anyway, hello, my name is Dom, and Cool Cool Cool (Coolx3 for short) is my project. I’m not going to try to make up some crazy story on how I decided to create this project because it’s as simple as I had a lot of time on my hands in the summer of 2019, and I wanted to get all my ideas out in the world. There’s not some pretentious deep meaning behind most of my songs. These songs are about honest experiences I’ve had in life that I feel can relate to any other 20 something going through the motions of their respective lives. You’ll hear themes of love, relationships, where you fit in the world, and others. I try to tell it like it is in hopes of offering a refreshing listening experience to you. The first single out right now for you to listen to is “Wait.” It’s a song about spending time with someone you care about but you’re not sure how long your time together will last. You’re too in your head to not entirely be in the moment with someone, but ultimately you want them to know you’ll be there for them. I hope you enjoy “Wait” as well as the other singles I’ll be releasing throughout the year. Be sure to stay connected with me on social media too! Thanks!

Photo by Michael Hetzel

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