Conkrete God


Rock-hard as they wanna be, Conkrete God makes music they want to hear. Rough & tough, hard and heavy, Atlanta-based Conkrete God is huge guitars, solid bass and drums and an undeniable, magnetic voice! Their influences range the musical spectrum from Van Halen, to 24-7 Spyz to Mothers Finest.

After their previous band kind of fell apart, Kewl, Auslander, and Prof. kept at it, to put together a balls-to-the-walls rock band. It took awhile to find the right fit, but they soon stumbled upon Denitra. From the first note, they knew she was the one. When Lindsey LeCoda entered the picture, they knew they had something special.
They came together to make music say something worth saying. They wanted it to be hard and moving. They wanted to make music of heart & stone. –Conkrete God

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