Concrete Castles


Pennsylvania-bred rock band Concrete Castles took their name from one of the first songs they ever wrote together, a wildly cathartic anthem called “Thrill.” As frontwoman Audra Miller reveals, the song was inspired by the pure joy that she and her bandmates Matt Yost (guitar) and Sam Gilman (drums) have found in chasing their dreams with no backup plan. The trio possess a profound instinct for the intricacies of song construction, thanks in part to the many years they’ve spent playing in a cover band whose YouTube channel boasts over a million subscribers and a quarter billion views. The band learned that the more you cover and dissect pop and rock classics, the more you understand what about them works. They began writing their own original music and brought in writers/producers, John and Stephen Gomez (of TWIN XL) to help bring those songs to life. Concrete Castles ultimately shaped a dynamic sound that speaks to the eclectic nature of the band, whose members grew up on everything from country (Miller) to ’80s hair metal (Yost) to classic rock and emo (Gilman). Now the band is ready to show everyone what they’ve learned with the release of their highly anticipated debut album later this year.

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