One day the kudzu will take over the South, streaming through abandoned cars, cracking through building facades and ultimately washing away humanity’s insouciant past. Or, at least, that is the post-Apocalyptic image below the Mason-Dixon line. (Up North, people tend to envision smouldering cityscapes and talking rats.) Although raised in the former seat of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA’s Cloak/Dagger manages to invoke both flavors of doom, as well as a few others that haunt the imaginations of folks worldwide. Culling from the likes of Black Flag and Circle Jerks along with driving-guitar-groove bands like Hot Snakes and Swiz, Cloak/Dagger inject some applied aggression into their rhythmic crunch. Formed as little more than a temporary project in October 2006, the group recorded its first demo within the month, soon deciding to stay in the game a bit longer. After East Coast shows with groups like Paint it Black, Fucked Up, Kill Your Idols and Career Suicide, the group had fine-tuned its raw, unpolished punk sound. Abrasive, in a good way. Ugly, in the best way. Who could form a more perfect and lasting union?

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