Challenger Deep


Challenger Deep is an instrumental rock four-piece boy band out of Atlanta, Georgia. The name refers to the deepest known point in the earth’s oceans. Born of a passion for music and a light-hearted camaraderie, they continue to push their creative limits to create music that is both technically interesting and fun to listen to.
Immersive Atlanta had this to say about their recently released single:
“I first heard Challenger Deep’s single “Immersive” and was immediately drawn in by the way the band was able to pair their technical virtuosity with a discerning ear for melody. Sleek and propulsive, the track sprints along with a mix of high-wire daring and effortless grace. It felt fresh and distinctly modern – a welcome start for a band that hopes to make major moves in 2019.”
And Georgia Local Spotlight had this to say:
“Fortunately for any music fans that may be unsure what this style is all about, Challenger Deep‘s new single “Welcome to the Show” offers a fantastic blend of catchy hooks, startling energy, and electrifying technicality. Jumping out at listeners from the drop, “Welcome to the Show” revs up with a flash of frenzied finger-tapped guitar licks and machine gun-style drumming. After the dust quickly settles, Challenger Deep takes off into a minor-key romp full of punctuated stops, howling reverb-laden guitar, and punchy bass lines.”
Drawing on a host of different inspirations, the band’s members incorporate their individual styles cultivated over years of playing into the boundless possibilities that instrumental music has to offer. Stay tuned.
Challenger Deep is:
James LaPierre – Guitar
Jordan Fredrickson – Guitar
Jason Murray – Bass
Grant Wallace – Drums

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