Cereus Bright


2018 was a quiet year for Cereus Bright. By the start of it, we were all moving in different directions – in life and in music – and it came time to let the band evolve.

Moving forward, Cereus Bright will become Tyler’s (my) music project. Touring is a blast but hard to do forever. I’ll still play some occasional shows (keep your ears peeled), but nothing regular is on the radar right now. Mostly, the Cereus Bright name will be a way for me to share the music I have been working on. There’s some new music coming this year, so stay tuned!

Luke and Jake are playing with a great local Knoxville band, Jubal (check them out), and are still helping me finish up the new songs. Matt is making some cool (over my head) improv jazz albums. And, we can collectively hope that the ever-talented Evan makes some amazing music to share with us all.

The past 6 years touring with these guys and playing for you all has been life-changing. The amount of support and generosity and kindness we were shown along the way will stay with us all forever. I really do mean that. Thank you so very much.

I hope to make music until I’m old and gray. I expect it to change plenty of times along the way. It’s hard to end this chapter, but I hope you’ll stick around for what’s to come.



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