Caravan Palace


A true word-of-mouth sensation, Caravan Palace keeps rising unrelentingly. All accomplished musicians, their shared love for electronic dance music pushed them to combine those influences into a new form. At the crossroads of the exuberance of old school jazz and the hedonism of modern clubs, their music has gathered more than a billion and a half streams across all platforms, is all over TikTok and their single “Lone Digger” is certified Gold by the RIAA.

For all its viral successes, it is the Parisian band’s live performances that etched their legacy. Growing from its core members to a seven piece outfit on stage, Caravan Palace is a perennial festival favorite. Their decadent, potent cocktail of jazz, electro, hedonistic beats and vintage sounds defies simple categorisation but, needless to say, delivers with a punch. The band’s love affair with North American audiences will be reignited next January, as Caravan Palace have announced a 22 city tour that will kick off on January 21st. Get ready for a riotous good time!


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