Emerging from a city known for Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Richmond, Virginia’s BROADSIDE are resurrecting that message with punk rock mastery.

Formed in late 2010, drummer and Musicians Institute alumni Andrew Dunton approached bassist Josh Glupker to join his project, and after a couple guitarist changes and over 50 vocalist auditions, the tight-knit rhythm section found their match in guitarists Niles Gibbs and Dorian Cooke, and solidified their current line-up with vocalist Ollie Baxxter.

Performing live is at the heart of every bands existence, and after countless miles and self-booked tours, BROADSIDE went on to sell over 1500 copies of their EP and converting new fans worldwide.

In 2014, Victory Records picked up the buzz from Virginia, and welcomed BROADSIDE to their roster. The band wasted no time, taking their tenacious work ethic to Los Angeles to record their Victory Records debut, Old Bones. Recorded by Kyle Black, known for his work with New Found Glory and Paramore, Dunton jokes ?We thought it was going to be a heavier album, but we’ve actually gone pretty poppy. With danceable melodies and crunching singalongs, BROADSIDEcontinues to push the boundaries blurring genres to ultimately make the sound that sets them apart. Old Bones is a record that will put BROADSIDE at the ranks of All Time Low, The Wonder Years and Anberlin.

Every track on Old Bones represents an experience that every young adult can relate to. Vocalist Ollie Baxxter conveys his own personal dilemma with these scenarios in everything from burying a childhood friend to realizing you’re just a very small cog in an overworked machine. “I just wanted anyone listening to this record to have a moment where they simply relate and reflect on the words because they’ve been there or are currently in that head space”. Old Bonesis just a raw confession of everyday struggles.

Drummer Andrew Dunton adds, “We decided to call it Old Bones because we are touching base on subjects everyone can relate to, but we are looking at them from a more mature and “weathered” outlook on things. Kinda cracked, bruised, and brittle, but still strong as bone.”

Blasting off with the lead track “A Place To Lay Your Head”, the song immediately grips the listener with BROADSIDE’s never looking back call-to-arms. The infectious “Storyteller” is described by Alternative Press as “sugar-sweet pop-punk with just a hint of the Richmond punk legacy.” The first video and single, “Coffee Talk”, is driven forward with hints of the Descendents, while keeping their momentum contemporary.

“Playing In Traffic” is about fitting into a scene, Baxxter conveys, “that no one is cooler than anyone else and I really want to break that stigma.” He continues about “Damaged Kids”, “that moment in my life that I started embracing music, taking in the words that artists were putting out and reflecting my own emotions towards them.” It’s all part of BROADSIDE’s approach to deliver their anthemic songs in their own authentic essence.
Old Bones was released on May 19th, 2015, marking the arrival of the new chapter of pop-punk champions, BROADSIDE.

“With massive hooks and crunching choruses, Broadside could very well become the new face of pop-punk.” – SUBSTREAM Magazine

Ollie Baxxter – Vocals
Niles Gibbs – Guitar
Dorian Cooke – Guitar
Andrew Dunton – Drums

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