Breakthrough Even


“When asked why they make music, drummer Zach Turner explains “I think we all want to write music that comes from a real place that is grounded in our experience of this life. When that happens, we have this great ability to connect with others and that’s important when sharing our passion.” This is the driving force behind Breakthrough Even’s dedicated spirit; to experience and connect. It’s also one of the main themes behind the group’s first two EP’s which includes 2014’s debut release, “The Step That Lies Ahead”, a five song effort showcasing the developing sound of the band and a sense of cautious optimism, and 2015’s, “Legacy of Dreams” the follow up which solidified the band’s signature heavy yet atmospheric and melodic sound while continuing to lyrically explore the dilemmas and themes of psychological warfare we often engage with ourselves and how those personal experiences have helped shape the band and their lives growing up. The Georgia native four-piece has been playing a growing number of shows in support of their music and hope to make an impact connecting with others and sharing in the experience that is music, all while fulfilling their needs to express themselves artistically while maintaining their musical integrity. “We all want to succeed and we want to be proud of what we create. I think for most people it’s a matter of sticking to your values, and never compromising your vision for the sake of others.” explains guitarist Josh Turner. “We’ve always been a Plan A only type of group…it’s either sink or swim. We all have moments of doubt, but we feel strongly about where we are headed and we’re excited about the future.”

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