Bike Thiefs


Comprised of bassist Kris Pandierada, drummer Andrew Fasken and Guitarist/Vocalist Marko Woloshyn, Toronto’s Bike Thiefs absorb music as quickly as one would expect from a group of millennial audiophiles. Pandeirada cut his teeth writing hip hop beats in his basement, Woloshyn holed up in his room wringing the ink out of Elliott Smith sheet music and Fasken immersed himself in the world of 2000s punk rock; booking shows and playing in a handful of hardcore bands.

Bike Thiefs are a chatty post-punk band that have drawn comparisons to rock stalwarts Fugazi and Constantines as well as more contemporary acts like Parquet Courts and METZ. The band has been featured in several international publications including Exclaim!, New Noise Magazine and Impose Magazine. Over the past two years Bike Thiefs have toured across Canada and The United States and have opened for various international acts including Moneen, Antarctigo Vespucci (Jeff Rosenstock & Chris Farren) and The Dirty Nil. The band’s latest release, Lean Into It, was recorded with Josh Korody (Fucked Up, The Dirty Nil, Weaves) at Toronto’s Candle Recording.

Lean Into It is communal music. The white-knuckle rhythm section leaves enough room for Woloshyn’s exuberant vocals and guitar feedback without letting him trip over his own jokes. On Lean Into It, the band has shied away from throat tearing vocals and hair flipping riffs in exchange for matter of fact speak-sing vocals and hypnotic drums, making for a band that would much rather be sincere than intense.

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