Basically Nancy


It took a couple of years to get going, but once it did…

That’s what happens when you start playing the local dives before you can legally smoke cigarettes. But the scene, starved for people who were actually trying, gladly accepted the girls as they sloppily played Pixies covers and weren’t gonna narc if they were allowed to be there or not. Now firmly established and leaders of the Savannah scene, Alayna Bowen (bass, vox), Esther Hines (drums), and Greta Schroeder (guitar, vox) now command a room when they walk in and will knock you on your ass when they’re on stage. Like your favorite candy, Basically Nancy is dichotomy between sour and sweet. They have the voices to sing Mazzy Star-esque ballads and the grit of 90s grunge. And songs that literally say “fuck you and your friends”. Together, they create something profound yet simple, chaotic yet serene. They write ballads of heartbreak, anthems of being misunderstood, all under a confident no fuss paradigm of what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world.

For fans of Hole, Vivian Girls, Bikini Kill, Hope Sandoval..

Expect their debut to hit sometime in Decemember 2021. On tour from here to eternity.

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