Band of Silver


Armed with monstrous riffs, arena-sized beats, and overpowering vocals, Band Of Silver tap into timeless rock ‘n’ roll tradition. Ranging from fourteen-to-eighteen-years-old, the Nashville quintet—Avery [vocals], Alex [lead guitar, vocals], Lauren [bass], Nikolas [keyboard], and Evan [drums]—bring a modern and youthful spark, perspective, and unpredictability to the genre.

It’s been far too long since a group of kids strapped on instruments and played their hearts out through buzzing amps quite like this…

“This is a modern take on classic rock,” Lauren asserts. “We all bond over a lot of the same music, and we’re doing our own thing with it.”

“We love rock, pop, and eighties,” continues Avery. “We just want to write songs that have energy.”

The moment that Avery began playing music alongside her younger brothers Alex and Evan, they found that energy, drawing on influences spanning everything from Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless to Linkin Park and Weezer. Driven to make a career out of their shared passion, the siblings opted to be homeschooled to focus more time on creating.

Joined by a friend from a local music school, Nikolas, they wrote and recorded their independent On The Line EP in 2015 and became a Nashville favorite, cutting their teeth at all-ages venues around the area. During a 2016 gig, Lauren saw the band perform. With a lineage including grandfather and legendary bassist Jerry Scheff [Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Doors] and uncle Jason Scheff of Chicago, she introduced herself, and Band of Silver agreed to jam.

“Lauren was like the missing piece,” Alex says. “Once we got together, it was what this band was always meant to be.”

In October 2016, the group entered Sound Emporium Studios with chief engineer Mike Stankiewicz [Drive-By Truckers, Blake Shelton] to record their 2017 EP. Throughout the songs, Band Of Silver seamlessly incorporates moments of hip-hop and even Latin into their singular rock style. “We really pushed to capture the spirit of our live show in the studio,” continues Alex.

Ultimately, Band Of Silver possess the power to reinvigorate rock music.

“We dream big,” Avery leaves off. “We want to have a career. We want to energize anybody who listens to us.”

“I hope people feel the emotion behind the music and our love for music,” concludes Lauren. “We’re bringing something relatable, fresh, new, and rocking.”

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