Breakdown; Madball; Raw Deal; Kill Your Idols: arguable institutions of New York hardcore throughout the last 25 years. It’s a lineage Backtrack have been mindful of since forming in January 2008, long after the seeds were already sown for a distinct strain of hardcore with rougher edges and sometimes unusual, esoteric ideologies. After all, it was easy to gauge the band’s appreciation for NYHC heritage from their 2008 demo, a standout gem of the late 2000s Long Island hardcore scene that helped quickly amass a local — and not long after, national — following.

2014’s Lost In Life remains firmly entrenched in traditional hardcore structures. Backtrack may not be coloring fully outside the lines, but the album assuredly has its share of tastefully stray marks, while sharpening the band’s hard sound into a dynamic, hook-laden overdrive. Thanks to a reconvening with Darker Half producer and Terror drummer Nick Jett, Backtrack were able to concoct a collection of material that proves more memorable and striking than past efforts. As the band continue to grow into a leading role as ambassadors for the modern wave of NYHC revival (with a subtly creative flair), they’d be faithful and powerful delegates.

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