Baby Baby


Channeling the Beastie Boy’s silly irreverence and Andrew W.K.’s party-rockin’ spirit, Baby Baby blend their homemade Fun Rock songwriting with a hip-hop swagger and an emphasis on the live experience. Imagine if National Lampoon directed the next Legally Blond and you’ll start to get an idea of what BABY BABY is all about.

Baby Baby convened in the summer of 2009, when singer/guitarist Fontez Brooks and drummer Grant Wallace shook off the sleepiness of the suburbs of Carrollton and set out to bring a new element to the Atlanta scene. Packed with broody self loathing artists, haters galore, the crossed-over-arm generation and the strip-club rap scene, The ATL simply needed some fun rock. And that’s what Baby Baby — which now includes Ryan Burruss on Keys, Colin Boddy on percussion and Hsiang Wen on bass — delivers on their sophomore album, Big Boy Baller Club, the follow-up to 2011’s Money, out April 1 on the Gospel of Rhythm Recordings.

Baby Baby is a big, inclusive tent. There’s room under it for friends, foes, Nickleback fans, even haters; we all need someone to keep us in check, don’t we? All they ask is that you come ready to dance and make some new friends on the floor. They’ll take care of the rest.

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