Attic Fowler


Attic Fowler crafts a brand of deep-fried indie psych pop whose recipe features a crispy outer layer of intertwined guitars and driving percussion that encapsulate a creamy wandering bass line and reverberated vocal croon. Based in Atlanta, GA, members Chris Rutledge (guitar/vocals), Taylor Fairey (drums), Jake Welte (bass), and David Holtzer (guitar) draw influence from late 80s dream-pop, psych-tinged jangle, and southern folk-rock, a sound which can quickly transform from a punchy hook into an echoing sonic wave. Since the project began in 2011, Attic Fowler has setup camp in 5 U.S. states and put out 5 self-recorded releases which have seen praise from the likes of NME, Austin Town Hall, and Melted Magazine, with 2015’s “City Hall” (Fall Break Records) being featured in the Fan Spotlight section of Bandcamp. The band is now performing in the southeast and working on new music for a 2018 release.

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