We are Apothecary, a metal band from Loganville, Ga. We started playing together in January of 2015, but the name Apothecary goes back pretty far. Apothecary was a metal band that formed in 2008 in Loganville, Ga. They were a group of guys who put their heart and soul into everything they did, especially their music. Apothecary stopped playing shows around 2010. The name, however, continued to live on until 2012, then finally disappeared due to the death of their 21 year old vocalist, Justin (Kraken) Ellington. May he rest in peace. Now, in 2015, Apothecary has been resurrected by Mitchell Taylor, Chris Weaver, and Bryan Ethridge (younger brother of original Apothecary guitarist, Jimmy Ethridge.) The current band is always writing, recording, and playing shows. We hope you like what we have to offer, and we will put the same heart and soul into everything we do, just as Apothecary did.

We dedicate everything we have done and will do as a band to the Kraken himself, Justin Ellington.

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